With Thanksgiving just around the corner and families getting together it’s a perfect opportunity for photos. This is the time when the kids come home from college to be with parents and grandparents and in some cases great grandparents. Whether you go to a professional or decide to take the photos yourself it is an event you should record for yourself as well as posterity.  Years from now you will want to look back on this occasion but so will others. Others that might not even be born yet. So here are some tips to make the best out of this fleeting moment.


Family Photo 1

Tip one. Ask that everyone wear solid colors. Patterns and designs are a distraction to someone looking at the photo. You don’t want someone to look at the photo with you wearing a Yankees shirt and comment that they like the Red Sox. The comment should be something positive about the family and not the clothing logo.

Tip two. Keep the colors to a minimum. Two colors if possible or three will work too. The more colors the more to distract the viewer from seeing the people in the photo. This will also give the feeling of oneness and unity.


Famiyl Photo 2

Tip three. Women should wear about the same amount of make-up as if going out to dinner.


Family Photo 3

Tip four.  When taking the photo get close so you don’t take a photo of the background but the people. Everyone will want to see faces so make sure you don’t have anyone standing in back of someone else. This can happen easily with large groups.


Family Photo 4

Tip five. Once you get the group photo take some of just all the girls or all the guys or all the kids. Again, make sure you see faces.

Tip six. After you get the photos where everyone is clearly visible take a few fun photos that just capture the feeling like the photo below.


Family Photo 5

Tip seven. Even if nobody listened to you about the clothing take the photos anyway. Bring everyone close together and tell them to say “we love this!” Wait till they finish saying it and take the photo. This is so everyone is alert and looking good at the same time. The photo below is of my family and parents taken in March by Greg Nicolisi at my 106th birthday (that’s what my kids tell me). Greg attended my Tampa seminar and Master class. My sister was in New Jersey and therefore not in it. A month later my mom passed away. Although we can’t stop time we are fortunate to live in an age when we can capture it.
Family Photo 6


Years ago Kodak used to have a campaign that said “You are in the best of company when you are with your family”. This is true. This Thanksgiving when everyone is together have your camera charged and ready. Follow my 7 tips and Get the Picture!

- Manny