There is nothing more elegant in photography than classical portraiture. Some might think that because it is “classical ” it is old fashioned. Not at all. Classical simply refers to the Renaissance masters. These are photographs that mimick the the look of the high Renaissance paintings. The lighting, composition, posing, and deep rich colors all orchestrated to give that painterly look.


Classical Portraiture photo 1 and 2

PHOTO 1 & 2

The pose is an important part of the equation. So why do we bother posing anybody? Most people look great the way they are until you point a camera at them. That’s when most of us freeze up. Especially if we are not used to having our photo taken. As photographers we help our model or subject get back in that great look. When posing is done correctly it looks comfortable and believable. Posing should not make anyone look stiff or unnatural.


Classical Portraiture photo 3


Classical posing goes all the way back to the Greeks. They were the first  to depict the human body at it’s finest. The Renaissance Masters added the romance. So what is the Classical pose?


Classical Portraiture photo 4


Turn the body away from the camera to a 45 degree angle. The head and foot point to the camera.  Seated or standing it’s always the same. With slight variations the possibilities are endless.


Classical Portraiture photo 5

Which brings me to some really exciting news: Ken and I have just wrapped up our latest video and guess what it is about…


Classical Portraiture photo 6


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